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Wednesday, June 21th 2017
By popular demand: 6 more reporting examples

In an overwhelming response to our last email, many of you expressed interest in seeing more examples of MDC’s C-suite ready reporting outputs. Ask and you shall receive! We're sharing more sample slides from both qualitative and quantitative studies, covering a range of industries, methodologies, and client-side requirements. Our signature value-added style provides insightful distillation and illustration of key findings with a visually pleasing and streamlined look.

Automotive Industry / Overall Segmentation
Automotive Industry / Segment Profile

Utility Industry / Energy Efficiency
Insurance Industry / Procurement Journey

Technology / Price Feasibility
Technology / Max-Diff Importance Analysis

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Wednesday, June 7th 2017
Our research reports are C-suite ready

Highly creative, visually appealing reports set MDC Research apart: easily digestible findings, insightful analysis, and no need to revise before sharing them upstream or with a larger team. We even have clients who engage us to do “makeovers” on reports written internally or by other vendors.

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Wednesday, May 10th 2017
Based in Portland, National Coverage

Do you ever feel your full-service market research options are limited to either:

Huge high-priced firms that don’t understand your business needs? Or…

Small consultants who need to outsource crucial research tasks? Well…

Situated perfectly between those extremes is MDC Research. Our top-notch analysts, call centers, and focus group facilities are here to meet all of your needs.

Video Storytelling
Have you spent hours and hours behind the glass, only to have the report on your qualitative research ignored or downplayed by those who didn't attend the sessions? Our video storytelling output ensures that results have high impact, both upstream and downstream.

High-Touch Quantitative Work
We built our reputation on the execution of custom research projects that require intensive monitoring, continuous client feedback loops, and expert project management. We call this "high-touch" research. Find out more about our extensive experience with this type of work, conducted for clients as diverse as Starbucks, Microsoft, AARP, among many others.
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New Focus Group Facility
MDC recently opened our newest VuPoint focus group facility in downtown Portland. This gorgeous suite overlooks some of the most stunning vistas Portland has to offer. And just like our facilities in San Francisco and Dallas, our Portland focus group suites boast the largest capacity room in the city.